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Bihar CM Nitish Kumar Wants Alcohol Ban All Over India, Says It’s Mahatma Gandhi’s Wish

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The Chief Minister was speaking at a convention on ‘Liquor-Free India’.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has proposed nation-wide ban on alcohol, saying it was Mahatma Gandhi’s wish.

Speaking at a convention on ‘Liquor-Free India’, Kumar said Mahatma Gandhi wanted the same as alcohol destroys lives. He said that the liquor ban should not just be carried out in nearby states but all across the country.

Kumar said that the alcohol-ban had earlier been imposed in Bihar by then Chief Minister Karpoori Thakur, but that it could not be implemented completely.

The Chief Minister said that he had begun planning for an alcohol ban in Bihar from 2011, and had done so in 2016. He later narrated the process to make sure that the ban was not discontinued in the state.

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