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DGP warns against, the spread of fake news on coronavirus

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CHANDIGARH: Punjab DGP Dinkar Gupta taking a strong note of the unsubstantiated rumors and fake news being spread on the COVID-19 pandemic, on Saturday warned that those found guilty of indulging in such acts would be penalized and dealt with under the relevant provisions of the law.

In an advisory issued here, the DGP warned people against spreading baseless rumors and falsehood, with a series of dos and don’ts against using mobile phones and social media platforms to spread mischievous and unsubstantiated information, which could create unnecessary panic and hardship to all around.

These are tools that help keep everyone connected and informed, he said, warning people against just sending forwards, or posting/spreading fake news.

Gupta requested the general public not to create panic/unrest through malicious forwards and social media posts.

The DGP advises

*Do not just send forwards. If you yourself are not sure of the information or the source of the information in the message, DO NOT FORWARD to friends and family.

*Show restraint in what you post on social media or send on WhatsApp. DO NOT SPREAD FAKE NEWS.

Reporter: bbcnews Chandigarh

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