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Offensive investigation of women at Doha Airport

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Qatar : An incident at Doha’s Hamad International Airport in early October has led to tensions between Australia and Qatar. In fact, on 2 October, the Qatar Airways flight to Sydney had to be stopped when a newborn baby was found abandoned at the airport. Airport authorities investigated several women to locate the child’s mother. There were also 13 Australian women among them.

According to Australia’s Seven Network news agency, the women were examined in an ambulance on the runway. Wolfgang Babek, a man aboard the plane, said that women of all ages were screened, “When the women came back, they all looked upset. One of them was crying, and people couldn’t believe that This is all happening. ” According to Babek, he also spoke to the women, “They told me that they were asked to take off their underwear or were told to take off all the clothes below the waist to check whether they had recently given birth.”

According to Babek, the aircraft was halted for three hours and during this time neither they were told any reason for the delay in the flight nor to take the women off the plane.

Qatar Airways and the Government of Qatar have not responded to this so far. But Australian Foreign Minister Maris Penn on Monday called it a “very disturbing incident”. Describing this attitude of Qatar officials as inappropriate, he said, “This is a very, very disturbing, objectionable and worrying incident. I have never heard of anything like this in my life. We have given the Qatar authorities their The stance is clearly stated. “

Penn said that Australia would wait for the response of Qatar officials before taking any further steps. He also said that the matter has been handed over to the federal police but did not give any information about what action the Australian Police can take in the case. The police department has also refused to comment on this for the time being.

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