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Coronavirus death of 38-year-old youth in Bihar,

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Total death toll reached 6 all across the Nation.

PATNA: A 38-year-old youth has died in Bihar due to coronavirus and it is believed that till now it is the youngest among the dead. Recently he came back from Qatar. At the same time, in Mumbai too, one person has died due to this infection. She is 63 years old and had other diseases like sugar, BP. In India, the death toll of coronavirus has increased to 6. In this, a victim had committed suicide. If you mix it, then this number reaches 6. At the same time, the number of patients infected with corona is increasing continuously. On Sunday, this figure has reached 341 and today the total number of new patients has reached 26. The Union Health Ministry said that 41 foreign nationals are also involved in these cases. Out of these, four people have died so far from Delhi, Karnataka, and Maharashtra. “There are now 296 people infected with Kovid-19 in India,” the ministry said. 24 others recovered or were discharged from the hospital or moved elsewhere while 6 died.
Maharashtra has the highest number of 63 cases of coronavirus, including three foreigners. After this, there are 52 cases in Kerala, including seven foreign nationals. 27 people were found infected in Delhi, including a foreigner, while in Uttar Pradesh, 25 cases including a foreigner were reported. A total of 21 cases of infection including 11 foreigners have been reported in Telangana while 24 cases including two foreigners have been found in Rajasthan. 17 cases were registered in Haryana out of which 14 are foreigners. 20 people were found infected with the virus in Karnataka. 13-13 people are infected in Punjab and Ladakh. 14 cases were reported in Gujarat while six cases were registered in Tamil Nadu, including two foreigners. In Chandigarh, five people were hit by the coronavirus.

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