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All trains, metro rail, and interstate bus services closed till 31 March

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The government has taken a big decision in view of the danger of Coronavirus. Now till March 31, all trains, metro, and interstate bus services have been closed. Earlier, the Railways had said that passenger trains will not be operational till 31 March across the country. Only goods trains are exempted from this order. According to a release issued by PIB, in view of the action being taken on the coronavirus, Indian Railways closed all passenger train services including premium train, mail/express, passenger, suburban train, Kolkata Metro Rail, Konkan Railway till March 31. Have decided to do. However, very limited services of suburban trains and Kolkata Metro Rail will continue till 22 March.
It says that trains which have started their journey before four o’clock on March 22 will go to their destination, adequate arrangements will be made for the passengers. To ensure the supply of essential goods, the movement of freight trains will continue. Passengers can take a full refund of all canceled trains by 21 June.
According to the information, all major stations will be evacuated.

Let us know that the cases of Coronavirus are constantly increasing in the country. So far, 324 cases of coronavirus have been reported in India. Today 9 cases have increased. The number of corona cases has increased by 79 a day. The Health Ministry said that 22 people have been cured of this disease on Saturday at 10.45 in 315 cases. More than 3 lakh people worldwide are infected with the coronavirus and about 13,000 people have died.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged the people returning from the city to the village on Saturday night. He said that due to the fear of Corona, many of my brothers and sisters are earning their livelihood, leaving those cities and returning to their villages. Traveling in congestion increases the risk of its spread. Wherever you are going, it will also be a danger to the people. It will also increase the difficulties of your village and family.

Reported by : Rishi Srivastava

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