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World’s Oldest Single Malt Scotch Whisky Is Now Available

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Gordon & MacPhail releases ‘world’s oldest’ single malt Scotch claimed to be the oldest single malt Scotch ever bottled, is now available for purchase.

Gordon & MacPhail, as collectors and other whisky obsessives know, is renowned for its rare whiskies. But this one, which came from a single cask and resulted in just 250 bottles, is a stunner even by their standards. Each bottle was hand-blown by Scottish manufacturer Glencairn Crystal Studio. And the story behind it is every bit as epic as you’d expect.

Gordon & MacPhail traces its roots back to 1895, when James Gordon and John Alexander MacPhail opened a grocery in Speyside that, among other products, specialized in whisky. Early on, they were joined by John Urquhart, who had a knack for working with local distilleries to choose and age whiskies. When in 1915 the original partners retired (MacPhail) and passed away (Gordon), Urquhart suddenly found himself the managing partner. His son George Urquhart joined the business in 1933, also working with whisky distilleries to source and mature their spirits. He also, it turns out, was a bit of a visionary in when it came to being able to see which liquids would be able to stand the test of time.

The fact that this whisky even exists is largely thanks to the fact that Gordon & MacPhail is still a family-owned business, which means that certain long-term decisions that were made nearly a century ago have been seen through by subsequent generations, without the pressures that might have been brought to bear by newer corporate ownership.

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