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Raid in BJP Raxaul candidate brother flat

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Nepal Police seized 23 kg of gold and two kg of silver in a raid in the flat in Birgunj, Nepal of Ashok Sinha, brother of BJP candidate Pramod Kumar Sinha from Raxaul in Bihar assembly elections. Ashok Sinha is a resident of Haraiya village in Raxaul block, India. He lives in a rented flat in the Ganesh apartment of Resham Kothi Mohalla in Nepal.

According to the police, the value of the recovered goods is in crores of rupees. The police is investigating the case. Police said 13 biscuits (one kg each) of gold have been recovered from the accused. 46 medium-sized gold biscuits have been seized. Whose weight 8 kg 576 grams and 10 pieces of small gold biscuits were seized. Whose weight is close to a kilo. 681 grams of gold jewelery were also seized. According to the police, the total weight of the recovered gold is around 23.247 kg. According to SP Ganga Pant, 2.262 kg silver jewelery has also been seized from the flat of accused Ashok Sinha. Police said that accused Ashok Sinha works on the post of CHA in Indian Customs. The people of the locality had informed the accused about having black money. After this, the police formed a team and raided the accused’s flat. Police has informed the Indian Embassy about the action.

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