India is most corrupt country in Asia

Indian People are most worried about government corruption

Transparency International asked 20,000 people from 17 countries for their survey report published as ‘Global Corruption Barometer – Asia’. The survey was conducted between June and September. They were asked to know about the experiences of corruption in the last 12 months. Six types of government services were included in the survey. According to the report, three out of every four people believe that government corruption is the biggest problem in their country. One out of every three people see their MPs as the most corrupt person. The issue of sexual extensions in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand has also been highlighted prominently in the report.

Government corruption is the biggest problem in India

India’s position in the case of bribery is the worst in Asia. The rate of bribery here is 39%. According to a survey by Transparency International, only 47% of people believe that corruption has increased in the last 12 months. According to the survey, 46% of the people in India resort to private connections for government facilities. The report says that bribes were sought from about half of the paying people. At the same time, 32% of those using private connections said that if they did not do so, they would not work.

Among those surveyed in India, 42% of those who came in contact with the police bribed. Even 41% people had to bribe to get government documents like identity cards. The majority of cases involving private connections were used for police (39%), ID (42%) and court cases (38%). The report also gives a worrying statistic that it is important to report corruption but 63% of people are afraid of its consequences.

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